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In light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles sector, natural gas technology offers a significant advantage over other alternative drives. It works. Thanks to intensive development since 1996, IVECO mature gas-powered vehicles have been proving their performance in terms of reliability, environmental commitment and return on investment for decades, both in municipal use, regional routes and in long-distance transport.
Eurotrade | Iveco Natural Power Technology


IVECO also provides a close-knit service network of IVECO natural gas specialists throughout Europe, there to support you at all times. Whether you need a panel van for inter-urban use, a medium-weight tipper for transporting construction materials or a heavy articulated truck for international long-distance transport, when deciding on an IVECO natural gas vehicle you benefit from sophisticated technology that works robustly and reliably. All of this is thanks to our continued commitment, and research & development into sustainable transport.

Natural Gas and Bio-Methane

Good for you.Good for the environment: Natural gas and bio- methane ​​​​​​​​​​​​
Eurotrade | Iveco Natural Power Technology

Our driving force behind the development of gas technology has always been the attractive environmental balance of Natural Gas and Biomethane: Up to 99% lower particulate matter and up to​ 95% lower CO2 emissions when using bio-methane are real arguments.

This is why Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)​, which is widely used in the passenger car sector, does not play a role in our gas vehicles: LPG is a waste product from oil production and refineries and leads to significantly higher CO2 emissions than our favoured fuels – natural gas and Bio-Methane.

Natural gas, also known as methane, is a fossil fuel such as petrol and diesel, but burns in a much more environmentally friendly way. The exhaust primarily emits steam – sulphur dioxides and soot particles are hardly emitted. The emissions of CO2, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide are significantly lower than those of diesel vehicles. Natural gas is non-toxic and odourless. With bio-methane increasingly being added to natural gas, the environmental impact is constantly improving.​

Biogas, also bio-methane, corresponds in its chemical composition to natural gas, but is not of fossil origin. Biogas is obtained from plants and, during combustion, only the CO2 that the plants absorbed during their growth is returned to the atmosphere – this reduces the CO2 footprint by up to 95% compared to diesel vehicles. Fewer and fewer plants are being cultivated specifically for biogas production, because the gas can also be obtained from plant waste that has to be disposed of anyway.


Разликата между


Eurotrade | Iveco Natural Power Technology

Природният газ и биометанът се предлагат в газстанциите в две различни форми, като и двете имат своите предимства: CNG и LNG. За да сте сигурни, че ще намерите оптималното решение за всяка транспортна задача по отношение на зареждането и горивната автономност, ние предлагаме варианти на нашите автомобили с резервоари за CNG или за LNG, а по заявка дори комбинация от резервоари за CNG и LNG

CNG означава компресиран природен газ: Компресираният метан се съхранява в газообразна форма при налягане приблизително 200 бара и следователно се измерва в кг. 1 кг CNG съответства на около 1,3 литра дизел. Само в Германия вече има над 900 станции за зареждане, а в Европа те са над 3500. И тенденцията продължава да е възходяща.

LNG означава втечнен природен газ и се отнася за природен газ и биогаз, които е втечнен чрез силно компресиране или охлаждане до температура между -161 и -164°C. В резултат на това той изисква само една шестстотна част от обема на газообразния метан в резервоара, като по този начин се осигурява автономност от до 1600 км. Това е добре, защото мрежата от станции за зареждане с LNG в момента е в процес на развитие из цяла Европа. Съвременните телематични системи на IVECO отчитат възможностите за зареждане и мрежата от станции при плануването на маршрута, като по този начин зареждането с подходящия вид газ винаги е гарантирано.

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